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Tropical Leaves

Bringing you Back to The Garden

Our Story

Based in the subtropical growing region of sunny Miami, The Garden Network specializes in foraging tropical fruits, vegetables, specialty mushrooms, herbs, flowers, cheese, honey, and artisanal products. As a network of locally grown and sustainably produced food, we are dedicated to supporting the farming and local food community by providing a connection between chefs, institutions, families, and farmers. We make it possible for farmers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, fresh, wholesome, and sustainably grown food in the Miami area.

​The Garden Network offers farmers and artisans marketing and promotion of their products along with coordinating sales, pick up from the farms and commercial kitchens, and delivery to the local chefs, institutions, and private homes. We currently provide our services to communities as far North as West Palm Beach and as far South as Key Largo.

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